Ok, so I swiped that off from the original “water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink” Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” in which sailors on board a ship where without water to drink despite the fact they were surrounded by a sea of water.

In the same token, companies have successfully figured out how to capture as much data as they could ever need. The problem is interpreting the data to mean something.

One industry that is trying to cope with this issue is the “legal” industry where until recently the fight in the ediscovery solution suite was pretty much among small niche layers.

As many should know by now storage gargantuan EMC took a bite of the ediscovery market with the acquisition of Kazeon. EMC said the acquisition gives it an “end-to-end, in-house d-discovery and litigation readiness solution”.

This is bad news for Kazeon competitors, Iron Mountain, Autonomy, Clearwell Systems and StoredIQ. The latter because it is an OEM partner to EMC.

The two competitor that just might have to start shopping for an OEM partner in this space is NetApp, which partnered with Kazeon in October 2005.

Is there a pattern here?